3D face recognition solution

                        3D body scanning solution

                        3D body scanning solution
                        application scenarios

                        Application scenario

                        Pay with face_security and security


                        Pay by face

                        Payment-level 3D face recognition, low recognition error rate, high security level, easy to use, and can be used for facial payment.

                        Office attendance


                        Office attendance

                        3D face recognition is accurate and effective, and can be used in the attendance registration system of enterprises, institutions and schools to improve management efficiency.

                        Pay with face_security and security


                        Security check

                        The high-precision 3D face recognition verification method can be used in security inspection scenarios such as customs, airports, and communities.

                        Office attendance


                        Brush face door lock

                        Contactless door opening, financial-grade security guarantee, with high anti-counterfeiting, fast response, and low power consumption solutions.

                        Pay with face_security and security


                        Face-swiping access control/gate

                        You can realize non-inductive traffic by swiping your face, and can be used in scenes such as train stations, office buildings, and communities.

                        solution advantage

                        Solution advantage


                        Available at night, can capture dynamic expressions, can recognize face and makeup changes

                        Strong anti-counterfeiting

                        Live detection, completely eliminate photo and video attacks

                        Wide application

                        Can be widely used in the fields of face payment, security and security inspection