Common Problem

                        Trouble performance: What should I do if there is an image and the machine cannot turn on the lights?

                          First of all, there is an image. When the machine cannot turn on the lights, you can use your mobile phone to see if there is any video. Whether the instrument is energized normally, whether there is data, and whether the three axes can move.

                          If: the instrument is energized normally, there is no data, and the three axes cannot move.

                          The reason for this situation is that the data network cable is loose and the IP address is set incorrectly.

                          Just set the correct IP address:



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                        Trouble performance: blue screen, the three-axis data is constantly beating, and the three axes of the automaton cannot move.

                        Reason: The power supply of the machine is faulty. Check the power supply of the instrument.

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